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Press Release for the Public Review of Draft Oregon Arts Standards Going Live

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       March 8, 2015

Oregon Alliance for Arts Education Joins the National Effort in Revising Arts Standards for Pre-K through Grade 12

PORTLAND, OR — March 9, 2015, at 9:00 am, the proposed/draft set of discrete arts disciplines standards for Oregon goes live for public input. Please go to www.oregonarts.net

to download the draft standards to read through then access the Public Survey to give the writing teams feedback. The Public Survey will close at 12:01 am April 4. Thereafter the writing teams will review the input and make appropriate adjustments. 

The Oregon Alliance for Arts Education (OAAE), Oregon’s nonprofit organization for advancing arts education in public schools and on behalf of Oregon visual and performing arts teachers, has joined national efforts to revise the arts standards for dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts for grades preK-12. OAAE assumed a leadership role in advocating for the writing of new state arts standards, convening Oregon arts educators and experts to consider appropriate Oregon standards, adapting the work with the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) in mind; and will, after public review/comment and team revisions, propose new Oregon Arts standards to the Oregon Board of Education for adoption.

“As America’s education system moves toward increased accountability measures, it is imperative that the arts have current standards as well as assessment and evaluation models that can inform best practice for teaching and learning,” says Nancy Carr, president of OAAE. “If we don’t update the standards to meet the needs of current educational priorities, the arts risk being marginalized in Oregon schools, limiting our young people’s access and opportunity to a full and balanced education.”

The Oregon standards were last revised in 1994. These were generalized teaching and learning outcomes for “the arts,” and not discipline-specific for dance, music, theatre and visual arts. The 1994 national arts standards focused on performance and technique and did not include media arts as a new, stand-alone art form. The 2014 national arts standards focus on learning outcomes and include media arts as a fifth stand-alone art form. OAAE has led the initial advocacy efforts since 2012 for Oregon to remain competitive in the region and nationally through rigorous expectations for all Oregon students. OAAE will continue to drive state-level advocacy efforts to endorse, adopt and adapt the proposed new state standards in the arts and invites public recommendations, ideas, changes and considerations during the review period. “I am excited to continue our work to advance arts education in the state and further strengthen the arts as a strategy in the education reform efforts taking place across the country,” noted Carr.

Carr applauds the contribution and work of the writing team leads and the team members, looking at what suits Oregon and its educational strategies and intentions, as they looked at the 2014 national standards and adjusted or adopted from that set of arts discipline standards. She acknowledges the contributions of Richard Burrows, former Oregon resident, and member of the leadership team for NCCAS as a partner in the Oregon standards project. She also acknowledges the generous support of the NCCAS team and of SEADAE, the organization of State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education consultants across the nation, in Oregon’s work. “OAAE is thrilled to have such national level expertise in conceptualizing and crafting Oregon visual and performing arts standards,” says Carr.

For more information about the proposed new Oregon Arts Standards, please contact Nancy Carr at nancy@oregonarts.net.


Research shows how the arts help kids:

At-risk first grade students who were taught basic letter and sound connections through improvisational movement improved more in those basic reading skills than did the control group of similarly at-risk students.

"Whoever neglects the arts when he is young has lost the past and is dead to the future."   ~ Sophocles

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